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New Pattern! Shape Sorter Cube: Crochet Pattern

  Shape Sorter Cube Crochet Pattern Available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback or Ravelry Shape Sorter Cube Crochet pattern is a very versatile pattern and can be made with any yarn and hook! A great quick crochet baby gift for baby shower and birthdays. This may look like a large project but with this pattern it will fly by. This pattern is a beginner crochet pattern consisting of only single crochet and double crochet stitches worked in the round for all shapes and in rows for the cube. Each shape is a single strand of yarn from beginning to end, with no cuts and joins, using only the stitches to create the shapes. This book includes patterns for 6 crochet shapes including: - Star - Heart - Square - Pentagon - Triangle - Circle Along with patterns for each side and how to sew them together. This book is loaded with pictures and tips to help you along the way!

Binding off, slipping a stitch, picking up dropped stitches, picking up around neck and armholes

 Binding off, slipping a stitch, picking up dropped stitches


Do not bind off too tightly.

Knitting: K 2 sts, * pass the 1st stitch over the 2nd stitch: follow arrows (Ill. 27, 28, 29), K next st, repeat from * until one stitch remains on right needle, cut yarn and draw through last st.

PURLING: P 2 sts, * pass 1st stitch over 2nd stitch, P next st, repeat from * until one stitch remains on right needle, cut yarn and draw through last st. Not illustrated.

IN PATTERN: Either Knit or Purl st to be bound off as it would have been worked in corresponding row of pattern, then bind off for knitting or purling whichever pattern calls for. Not illustrated.

bind off
Knit bind off pic 1

knitting bind off
Knit bind off pic 2

binding off
Knit bind off pic 3


Slip one st from left needle to right needle without knitting or purling inserting the right needle in the st as if to Knit unless otherwise directed. When slipping the stitch leave yarn to the wrong side unless directed otherwise.


In stockinette stitch pick up stitch on right side of work. Using a crochet hook, insert hook in dropped st, draw yarn to row above through loop forming a new loop. Continue in this manner until you reach the row being worked being careful not to twist the sts. (Ill. No. 30). PURL sts are picked up by inserting crochet hook through dropped st from in back of sts. (Ill. No. 31). In GARTER STITCH alternate the two movements. RIPPING BACK: Unravel work to within the last row of point desired. Rip the last row a stitch at a time placing each stitch on a free needle, preferably a finer double pointed needle, then place these sts back on size needle you are using. Continue knitting as directed.

picking up dropped stitches
Pick up dropped knit stitch

picking up dropped knit stitches
Pick up dropped knit stitches


Picking up stitches around neck and armholes is usually done with smaller needles. Hold the work with right side toward you and work from right to left. Insert right needle into the first st from edge, pick up stitches. When picking up stitches on an irregular edge be sure to pick up a stitch in every row. Always work with the right side toward you unless otherwise directed.

pick up knit stitches
Pick up stitches around neck and armholes

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